Practical Intervals in Guitar Improvisation  


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2011 Single


165 fingering positions you should know for guitar improvisation
by Salim Ghazi Saeedi, Feb 2011

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2 semitones - Major 2nd

Starting finger

non B-G strings

B-G string

var #1

var #2

var #1

var #2

index NA NA
middle NA NA
ring (*) NA
pinky NA


* In most of times it is preferable to play this interval with ring finger's jump. But this is also possible with a jump between ring and pinky fingers. Below 7th fret, hand cannot easily stretch between these two fingers while maintaining perfect fingering.      
tip: Never convert a normal fingering to a slide for the sake of convenience in fingerings. The second note on slide has always a lower accent; but you may not always intend it! Play what you really intend!      

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