Abrahadabra (2006)  



Human Encounter





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2006 Salim Ghazi Saeedi

All songs Composed/Performed: Salim Ghazi Saeedi

1 told to the bird (who implores) [3:34]
2 horizon (who seeks) [5:18]
3 excuse (who endures) [4:47]
4 autumnal nightmare (who flees) [6:12]
5 route (who dazzles) [3:58]
6 Dance of gods (who intoxicates) [3:42]
7 joker (who wanders) [5:23]
8 splendour of death (who resurrects) [5:37]
9 abrahadabra (who creates) [3:13]


"Abrahadabra is a reflection of my exaggerated personal feelings. It is the first endeavor to my idea of �pictorial rock� - i.e. the composition of sounds that recite sequence of mental pictures. Actually all of those instrumental tracks have a real-life story behind them. There are very vague allusions to these stories in CD booklet. e.g. �Route� is a story of a death ceremony and reflects the mourning over dead in way that is done in eastern culture. Or �Told to the Bird� is story of me confessing to a bunch of flying birds in a ritualistic way� In one word I was very lovesick, idealist and outraged while composing them."
- Progarchives.com interview with Arashk


"an instrumental version of the progressive phase of Rush, when you think, Alex Lifeson would play more solos"
Als groben Vergleich k�nnte man eine instrumentale Version der progressivsten Phase von Rush bem�hen, wenn man sich vorstellt, Alex Lifeson w�rde mehr Solos spielen."
-Abrahadabra review, Babyblaue, Jochen Rindfrey, Apr 2012
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"After careful listening I really wasn't able to find any particular artists that have influenced them more than others, or indeed pinpoint any specific influences at all."
Abrahadabra Album Review, Progressor.net, Olav M Bjornson
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"the Ultima Thule of instrumental progressive metal"
Abrahadabra Album Review, Gnosis2000, Richard Poulin, Jun 2011
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"...Hendrix and Santana have also obviously instructed the phenomenal axe genius that Salim Ghazi Saeedi truly is. Highly recommended for a hefty dose of extremely heavy yet highly melodic metal of a VERY special kind"
Abrahadabra Album Review, Gnosis2000, Richard Poulin, May 2008
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"... an impressive debut of instrumental, compositionally strong, electric guitar driven progressive rock music."
Abrahadabra Album Review, Radio show "Psyche Van Folk ", Gerald Van Waes, 2006
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