Practical Intervals in Guitar Improvisation  


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165 fingering positions you should know for guitar improvisation
by Salim Ghazi Saeedi, Feb 2011

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8 semitones - Minor 6th

Starting finger

non B-G strings

B-G string

var #1

var #2

var #1

var #2

var #3
index NA NA
middle NA NA
ring NA (*) NA
pinky (*) (**)


* This position is more prevalent than one may expect at first sight. Actually it lets hand's position more relaxed in semi-45 degree "electric guitar left hand position"; as opposed to semi-90 degrees angle left hand position that is more prevalent in classical guitar. These fingerings could also be seen as parts of chord fingerings.      
** This fingering seems normal at first sight; but it should be noted that the wrist position in this fingering is more "classical guitar" oriented than electric guitar. The difference is between thumb position. In "classical guitar" left hand position, the thumb is nearly always about the middle of the neck and all fingers are usually perpendicular on the fretboard. In electric guitar left hand position, the fingers are diagonal to the fretboard and the thumb is usually at the top of the neck.      

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