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  While composing instrumental music is Salim Ghazi Saeedi's heavenly pleasure, Salim calls his poetic works, the inferno of words: "I only write poems in moments of extreme despair, fear and paralysis... I do not find pleasure in language and this is why I have chosen instrumental music as a way of expression. But you know... in such moments I am unable to do anything else and so I reluctantly express myself by inferno of words."


The Holy Book of Anthropolatry

The Holy Book of Anthropolatry is a poetry book written in Persian philosophizing eroticism as the art form expressing the sense of touch.

Read the press release in English here and in Persian here.

Poetry Collection

Salim published a poetry collection consisting of the following sections: "Strings", "Stuffings", "Wanebook" and "The Book of Creator". The poetry collections are originally written in Persian while English translations are also available. About the English translation Salim notes: "Originally I have written the poems in Farsi and I have translated them into English myself. The translation and rendered poetic form are indeed not perfect but I did it anyway to convey the meanings at least for those who pursue my music works."



Persian version of the poetry is purchasable in paperback format at lulu marketplace:

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