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�United Ubiquity of Flesh� is a one man project by Salim Ghazi Saeedi
Composition, Performance (Guitars, Basses, Keyboards & Drums Arrangement), Mixing, Production and Cover Design by Salim Ghazi Saeedi
� 2017 Salim Ghazi Saeedi | UPC: 191061492634 | Brisbane, Australia

United Ubiquity of Flesh :: His Body Wandering as His Guitar Screams

United Ubiquity of Flesh (2017) is an instrumental prog rock album by Salim Ghazi Saeedi, reconciling sonic and conceptual contrasts of his last decade of life: Energetic hard rock guitar and drums balanced by rhythm-free solo guitar parts - similar to traditional Middle Eastern players. In parallel to composing this album, Salim also migrated to Australia, leaving his eastern home town behind except for sonic memories and stories. Salim migrated by the vehicle of his body, as United Ubiquity of Flesh refers to "the flesh" being borders of confinement, the dwelling home and fountain of ideas. The album's booklet reads: "In flesh we are born and in flesh we live. The flesh, thine body is the boundary of desire and belief. The flesh is thine boundary of life and law. The flesh is thine country. The rest are all arbitrary."

In United Ubiquity of Flesh, silence - aka musical rest - plays an active part; sometimes by bolding music tones or naked solo guitars on intensively rhythmic bass and drums. In the meantime the album has more references to Salim's Arashk band years compositions and it is less avant-garde in comparison to his recent albums. Until release of previous album in 2012, Salim lived in Iran where he had released 6 albums. Now his 2017 album shows a man's body outlining country borders. Conceptually the composer communicates his challenges around territorial limitations and changes he faced in real life. Salim says: "I was discontent and disturbed of the situation I was raised and breathed in. You could find my life story in the albums I started releasing since 2006 and how I idealized my dream world in 3 albums I released through Arashk band and then claustrophobic Iconophobic (2010), revengeful Human Encounter (2011) and reconciliated namoWoman (2012). Now after migration, I can refer to United Ubiquity of Flesh (2017) as more liberated and progressed."

1. Drenched by Desire of You

2. Bodily Invasion
3. United Ubiquity of Flesh
4. Universal Resurrection is the Sexiest Day of All
5. At Home Dwells Death (Prelude)
6. At Home Dwells Death
7. Million Hands Oriental Dancer
8. Lion's Mouth is my Home
9. Let's Sit Naked, O Friend
10. No Wind and I'm Out
11. Untameable Heart of the Artist

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